Pokémon Rubí & Zafiro Cheats – Game Boy Advance – Cheat codes, Guides

Get different colors coach cards



Bronze card

Expires to the four élite at least once.

Copper card

Cage 200 Pokemon.

Gold card

Expires the 50 coaches in a row in the battle tower, both at level 50 and level 100.

Green card

It is what you start with.

Silver card

Exceed all tournaments.

Unlock the statues and a sculpture



Crystal sculpture

Get 5 drawings painted at the Lilycove Museum of Art.

Gold trophy

Win at least 100 battles in a row in the battle tower.

Silver trophy

Win at least 50 battles in a row in the battle tower.

Rare stones

Unlockable Requirements
Firestone Give the red glass to the crystal hunter.
Leaf stone Give the green glass hunter.
Ray stone Give the yellow glass to the crystal hunter.
Water stone Give the blue glass to the crystal hunter.


Unlockable Requirements
Blue Pie Get the maximum beauty in the leader pokemon.
Green Pie Get the maximum intelligence in the leader pokemon.
Pink Pie Get the maximum charm in the leader pokemon.
Red Pie Get the maximum popularity in the leader pokemon.
Yellow Pie Get the maximum hardness in the leader pokemon.

Mysterious event

Get at least 5 badges. You see Pokemon Center of Petalburg . Talk to the PC boy. When I ask you about your profile, a few mystery event is exciting. It will give you the Mysterious event . With him, you can scan cards E-Reader .

National Pokedex

InterÁMBIALO IT FROM A version of Pokemon Red Fire go Green Pokemon Leaf.

Cheat codes for the woman of the berries

Clue Effect
Super Hustle Receive a beautiful berry.
Cool Latios Receive a Durin berry.
Challenge Contest Receive a Pamtre berry.
Great Battle Receive a Spelon berry.
Overwhelming Latias Receive a watmel berry.


Unlockable Requirements
National Pokedex Dimploma Collect the information of the 386 Pokemon of the game in your Pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycone City and talk to the game desk.
Pokemon Diploma Get to see and hunt 202 pokemon and registration in your pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycone City and talk to the game desk.

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