WWE 2K16 TRICKS – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

Fighting styles

The indicated fighting styles are based on the corresponding fighters.

Aerialist 1: Evan Bourne/Matt Sydalaerialist 2: Rob van Ladyaerialist 3: Jeff Hardyaerialist 4: Sonjay Duttbrawler 1: Johnny Gargarebrawler 2: Dana Brookebrawler 3: Terry Funkbrawler 4: J.T.G. (Cryme Tyme) Giant 1: The Great Khaligiant 2: King Kong Bundygiant 3: Andre The Giantgiant 4: TenseipowerHouse 1: Scott SteinerPowerHouse 2: GoldbergpowerHouse 3: and WilliamsShowbat 3: M.V.P. (MONTEL VOLTAVIOUS PORTER) SHOWBOAT 4: SCOTTY 2 HOTTYSTRIKER 1: YOSHI TATSU/NAOFUMI YAMAMAMOSTRIKER 2: Shinsuke Nakamurartiker 3: Kassius Ohno/Chris Herostiker 4: Mike Tysontechnician 1: Konnantechnician 2: Colt Cobana/Scotty Goldmanch Nician 3: AJ Stylestechnician 4: TrentBarretta

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The indicated movements are based on the following fighters:

American Dragon: Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryanbackbreaker Specialist: Roderick Strongbucking Trends: The Young Buckscharisma Personified: Jeff Hardygold Standard: Shelton Benjaminjackson: Ezekial Jacksonjomo: John Morrisonolympic Hero: Kurt Anglepanam , Rattle & Roll: Road Doggthe Ace of Japan:Hiroshi Tanahashithe Dude: Trent Barretathe Monster: Brodus Claythe Shoot Fighter: Katsuyori Shibatathe Suplex Machine: Tazzwwe Legend 1: Eddie Guerrero

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Cheats World Series of Poker: Full House Pro Xbla – Xbox 360 – Cheat codes, Guides

Xbox Live Achievements of World Series of Poker: Full House Pro Xbla

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Professional Poquer You reached level 100. 40
Heaped You earned enough chips in a game to reach the third level of a pyramid of chips. 30
Naval combat You won a hand taughtñI’m the cards in which one of the players had a full. 25
A GREAT MILLION You got up from the table winning at least 1 million chips in a single multiplayer session. 25
Challenge You complete 10 Pro Challenges. 25
The final Countdown You performed previous actions 5 times in the same hand at the final table in a multiplayer game. 25
High bets You bought a t-bone at a table with a million chips or more. twenty
Fishing in the river You made 2 or more players withdraw in the River and then showed a higher card. twenty
Great promise You won the All-Pro Tournament. twenty
Two birds with a shot You eliminated two or more players in the same hand. twenty
Four by four You quadrupled your entry into a single game with real multiplayer money. twenty
A new challenging! You complete 5 Pro Challenges. twenty
Stuck to the chair You won 10 multiplayer normal tournaments with the table full. fifteen
Poquer with elegance You won a tournament wearing a personalized hat and shirt. fifteen
Trick streak! You made a different chips trick in each round of bets of one hand and you won the hand. fifteen
Poquer teacher You reached level 50. fifteen
Hand to hand You won a heads-up tournament. 10
On tour You played in the three table locations: Caesars Palace, Harrah’s from New Orleans and Amazon Sala. 10
Ravage with seven two of hand You won a hand taughtñI walk a 7 and 2 of different stick as a hand play. 10
Farol diamonds You made all the remaining rivals retire at the River with 3 or more diamonds at the table. 10
Monochromatic player You lost a hand to teachingñar the letters with a color. 10
Improve your game You won an equal tournament. 10
Aaron has left the building You defeated the first professional in a single player Pro Takedown tournament. 10
Wild pig You won all the boats in one hand with one or more secondary boats. 10
It’s 5 in somewhere You participated in a happy hour event. 10
Large games hunter You participated in 5 great games. 10
I invite next! You paid a round of improvements after winning a hand teachingñI walk the cards in a multijug game. 5
Multitask You customized your avatar sitting at the table. 5
Slow game You moved timidly once before winning a hand teachingñI walk the cards. 5
Pause to go to BAñeither You pre -established all actions and did not intervene at least once. 5
Andr servesé Agassi You bet your hand murders aggressive in any round and you won the teachingñar the letters. 5
Trends brand You created a multiplayer game with a table, a chair and a custom card style. 5
Salt on the wound You bought the tip Improvement of a player after throwing it in a game with real multijug money. 5
Telegraphy par You collected the bonus chips five times in a row without losing any bonus. 5
Film Dress up all tutorial videos. 5
Blindly As a big blind, you played an all-in before the flower in a multiplayer game. 5

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Wolfenstein cheats: The New Order – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

Wolfenstein 3D

There’s a Easter Egg To play original Wolfenstein. You must play a few hours and reach the headquarters of the Resistance, on the last floor there is a mattress on the floor to the left. Continue reading “Wolfenstein cheats: The New Order – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides”