Zero Time Dilemma cheats – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Monty Hall (Team C)

Puzzle Mush Hall Resolution.

SURPPression (Equipment D)

Puzzle Surprpression Resolution.

Fire (Team D)

Puzzle Fire Resolution.

Ambidex (Equipment C)

Puzzle Ambidex resolution.

Anthropic Principle (Equipment C)

Puzzle Resolution Anthropic Principle.

Suspicion (equipment c)

Puzzle resolution.

Poison (Team C)

Puzzle Poison resolution.

Triangle (equipment Q)

Triangle puzzle resolution.

Pop Off! (Equipment Q)

Pop off puzzle resolution!.

Radical-6 (equipment Q)

Radical Puzzle Resolution-6.

Outbreak (equipment d)

Puzzle outbreak resolution.


Puzzle transport resolution.

Door of Truth (Team D)

Puzzle of Truth resolution.

Zero Time Dilemma Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Still to Rookie Complete 1 Quest.
In the big leagues now
The Go-to Guy
A GRAIN OF SAND Gain 1 Cinema File.
Crib Sheet Obtain 1 Quest File.
Beginning of the End
Fly me to the moon
What is Love? Don’s Hurt me
A Rabbit in My Future
To Silver Lining
Gotta Go Back In Time Go Through Your First Bad Ending.
Coming up on 90 minute Watch All The Cinematics in a Fragment.
Down The Hatch
Blessed by Lady Luck
Tell Them What They Won
Virtual reality
What are already, Chickn?
Calculated Risk
Schrödinger’s Cat
Mountain of Knowledge Gain All Cinema Files.
All-Seeing Wisdom Obtain All Quest Files.
It came from with within
The final decision
C-TEAM Subject Report
Q-Team Subject Report
D-Team Subject Report
Wrinkle in Time
Virtue’s True Reward
Bigger on the Inside
Zero escape Collect All Trophies.

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