Cheats Young Justice: Legacy – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Justice for all Get all trophies


We resist United Complete all Missions in cooperative mode

Legacy Finish the game in maximum difficulty


Initiation party Unlock all the characters

A death in the family end the game

Exhausted Buy all improvements

Prepared for spring holidays Obtain 50% classifications to

Graduated with honours Obtain classification to all missions

Justice team Complete 10 Missions in Cooperative Mode

Member of the Justice League Get to level 40

There is no place in Belle Reve Defeat 500 enemies

Trivial teacher Get a 5000 score on YJT


ˇKa-Pow! Defeat the first 15 enemies

souvenir! Get half of the dioramas

Get all dioramas collection

Roy Harper’s search Get all red arrow newspapers

Destroyed block defeat blockbuster

Carnival Get all alternative costumes

ˇResuelve this! Defeat Enigma

ˇRebajas de Canario Negro! Buy half of the improvements

Twisted mind Defeat Psimon

Training room Complete 1 challenge

ˇSeredprepus! Use all the powers of the heroes

In average Complete half of the challenges

Depth secrets Defeat

Without equal, not even in Cadmus Complete all challengesCompañeros de Justicia Complete 1 mission in cooperative mode

The master of challenges Get 50% classifications to

Who will pay this? Destroy 350 objectsThe girl from the eyes of the black canary Get all classifications to

Super Hero Get to level 20

Winning blow Answer 5 YJT questions in a row

Buddy Get to level 10

Trivial apprentice Get a score of 500 in

ˇManiobra 7! Activate Squad Boost 20 times

Trivial expert Get a score of 1000 in

Slebirros forrotar 200 enemies

welcome to the Jungle Defeat Bane

The Sunday suit Get half of the alternative costumes

Artistic Conservation Society Do not break any statue in the museum phase during “the hostage crisis”

Team fighting Defeat Icicle JR and Sportster

ˇDeprisa! Escape in the avalanche phase during “Let yourself be carried away by the current” in less than 5 minutes

Cold War Defeat Killer Frost

It is a trap! Not being damaged by a skewer

Party Day Defeat Sportsmaster

Mixed with the shadows Do not let the reflectors divide you into the stage of the Gotham docks warehouse during “hometown”Papi’s little girl Defeat Cheshire

THE ECONDITE GAME Do not activate the statues in the phase of the warriors during “team struggle”

Allies of Justice Complete 5 Missions in Cooperative Mode

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