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On the customization screen, when you change the name of your soldiers. Remember: Beaglerush must be put in nickname, not in the name or surname unlike the rest.

ATTENTION: Unlock these heroes blocks achievements and trophies of this stored game.

Beaglerush Unlock the grenadier range

Peter Van Doorn XCOM 1 Ranger unlocks

Sid Meier Unlock PSY OP SID MEIER


Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Immortal Commander You have defeated aliens in the difficulty legend. fifty
Valhalla You have finished the game in the difficult or superior difficulty in the iron man mode. fifty
Magnificent time You have finished the game in the difficult or superior difficulty before July 1. 40
Few and proud You have finished the game in the DIF. Commander or superior without buying a Tama improvementñor squad. 40
The Untouchables You have finished the game in the commander or superior difficulty without losing a soldier. 40
Dominated You have finished a mission in commander or superior with only soldiers of the same class (not recruits). 35
Humanity defender You have defeated aliens in commander difficulty. 30
Quién needs Tygan? You have completed the final mission using only conventional equipment. 30
Heavyweight You have killed an enemy with each heavy weapon of the game. 30
The sun never gets You have built a radio repeater on each continent. 30
Global resistance You have achieved all the continent bonuses available in a single campaignñto. 30
The fate of the beginner You have completed a mission from June using only recruits. 30
Brutal collection You have used the cranial connector with each type of different Advent soldier. 30
Regicide You have killed a dominating alien when finding him for the first time. 30
100% operational resistance Achieved that XCOM has a high influence with all factions in a single game. 30
The Aveiled Earth You have defeated aliens at any level of difficulty. twenty
Shadow You have sold products worth 1000 supplies in the black market. twenty
Metal meat You have killed a sectors in the same turn you find it (a player). twenty
King of Mechanics You have pirate a sectors. twenty
Just in time You have evacuated a soldier whose bleeding timer was still underway. twenty
Excálibur You have fully improved a lightning weapon with superior weapon improvements. twenty
David and Goliat You have killed a berserker in melee combat. twenty
A breath You have killed a viper who was strangling a companyñero. twenty
Come back with me You have killed a sectoid that was mentally controlling a companyñero. twenty
It was not me You have killed an enemy with a pirated turret. twenty
Shen’s legacy You have built an installation in each Avenger room. twenty
Have a good trip You have caused an enemy to die from a fall. twenty
Total sinister Causes an enemy to die from the explosion of a vehicle. twenty
One after another You have killed 500 aliens. twenty
The most dangerous game You have played a multiplayer game. twenty
A forbidden experiment You have investigated abandoned research facilities. twenty
Matarreyes You have killed the three dominating aliens in a single game. twenty
LETAL Arsenal You have bought all the maximum level hunter weapons. twenty
Now I command You have used dominators’ armor skills in a single mission. twenty
Adopted enemy You have used the armor skill of a dominator against a dominating alien. twenty
Do not wasteé My shot You have killed a dominating alien while trying to escape. twenty
Pass the witness Exceeds the Mission Torres Lost. twenty
Matter dominates mind You defeated an avatar with a spark unit. twenty
Make it explodes You killed a ruinous enemy CEM prepared before it self -destructs. twenty
A silenced rival Defeated a permanent chosen. twenty
THE CIRCLE OF THE PSI Upload the concentration of a templar to the maximum, spent and upload again in a single mission. twenty
Two thing Formed a level 3 link between two soldiers. twenty
Tired but happy Completed a mission with all tired soldiers and without suffering. twenty
Perfect move You have completed an ambush with éxito. fifteen
Resistance heroes You have completed a retaliation mission with 3 or less civilians from civilians. fifteen
Now I am death You have killed 3 enemies in a single shift, with a single soldier and without explosives. fifteen
Vipers winner You have killed the Dominator Víbora. fifteen
Berserkers sweep You have killed Dominator Berserker. fifteen
Arcany annihilator You have killed the Arconte dominator. fifteen
Our new masters You ascended to a spark unit to the champion range. fifteen
Robotic resurgence You completed a mission with three spark units or more in the platoon. fifteen
On the last A SPARK unit survived a mission that began with less than half of health. fifteen
A show You equipped to a spark unit with weapons and armor of the highest level. fifteen
Always shooting It is successful three shots in a single shift with a Spark unit after wearing its overload ability. fifteen
I can’t stop fighting Carried out three attack actions against the same objective and in the same turn with a guerrilla. fifteen
We don’t abandon anyone Rescued to a soldier who have captured the chosen. fifteen
Scrap dealer You have built an experimental article in the testing field. 10
The rise of resistance You have established contact with a region. 10
First blood You have completed the tactical tutorial. 10
Rebel radio You have built the installation of resistance communications. 10
Breaks You have built the shadow chamber. 10
Room for improvement You have improved an installation. 10
Cazarrumores You have completed a rumor. 10
A horrible truth You have recovered the secret site data. 10
A sinister key You have recovered the brain of a codex. 10
A dark door You have recovered the psionic portal. 10
A transfer line You have completed the Avatar autopsy. 10
A fallen god You have killed an avatar. 10
Loaded and ready You have improved a weapon. 10
Below with her You have sabotaged an alien installation. 10
King CibernéTico You have won a second level piracy reward. 10
Mercilessly You have used the cranial connector with an Advent officer. 10
A better human being You have recovered the object of the forge. 10
Final resistance You have created the commander’s avatar. 10
Better, harder, strong and fast You have applied a SCP improvement to a soldier. 10
Axis axis, screw screw You defeated a robotic enemy with a spark unit. 10
As dad used to do You built a spark unit. 10
A new alliance Completed the mission “Lost and abandoned”. 10
Zombie shooting Achieved 15 shots at the head against the lost in a single shift. 10
Darkness in the dark Achieved four casualties in shade mode and in a single mission with a reaper. 10

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